Work Samples

Head Home

Screenshot of Head Home

This is the first complete website I made. I used the final projects from 3 of my Master of Library & Information Science (MLIS) courses to create it: an SQL database, PHP code connecting the database and website, and the website interface.

I had to figure out how to get web hosting, buy a domain name, use an FTP/SFTP, and get my site up and running, as the hosting I could have used through my school didn't allow PHP.

MLIS ePortfolio

Screenshot of MLIS ePortfolio

One of the graduation requirements for my MLIS program was to create an ePortfolio with samples of our course work. I decided to design and code mine from scratch rather than use a website builder, as I wanted to practice my web development skills. I used HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap to make this site.

eBook: A Guide to Good Reasoning by David C. Wilson

Screenshot of A Guide to Good Reasoning eBook

This is an open access textbook I worked on as a Practicum Student with the University of Minnesota Libraries Web Development Department. I used Pressbooks (which is built on WordPress) to convert Wilson's text from Microsoft Word documents to this eBook.

The portions of the book I completed: Chapters 2-6, About the Author, Preface, Brief Table of Contents, Table of Contents, and Epilogue. I also created a style guide along the way to document important information about the HTML and CSS I used. Due to the nature of the Practicum, I was unable to complete the entire book.

University of Minnesota Libraries

Screenshot of Journalism and Strategic Communication page

I spent time during my MLIS Practicum updating links on the Libraries' website. Their site is built using Drupal, so I was able to get to know the content management system as I worked on this project.